Need a New Water Line Installed?

Need a New Water Line Installed?

Schedule your water line installation in Piedmont, Greenville, and throughout the Upstate area.

Don't try to fix your plumbing problems yourself. Jonathan Blackburn Contractors, LLC performs sewer line repairs and water line installations in the Piedmont, SC area.

If you let your sewer issues get worse, they could end up costing you a lot of money. Get your sewer problems resolved quickly and correctly by an experienced plumbing crew. Hire us to get rid of the horrible smell floating around your home and yard.

Should you repair it or replace it?

Jonathan Blackburn Contractors can help you decide if it's better to replace or repair your sewer line in Piedmont, SC. You should replace your sewer line if:


It's bellied or collapsed


It's beyond its recommended service life


It's undersized for the number of occupants in your home

Schedule your sewer line replacement today. Call us at 864-382-0560.