What's Blocking Your Sewer Line?

What's Blocking Your Sewer Line?

Schedule a sewer line inspection in Piedmont, Greenville or throughout the Upstate area.

Don't neglect your sewer issues any longer. Jonathan Blackburn Contractors, LLC provides video pipe inspections to areas surrounding Piedmont, SC.

Your sewer issues can be located quickly with our video camera technology. We charge $99 for the inspection, but the fee is waived if you hire us to make your sewer line repairs.

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Our sewer line inspection process

Jonathan Blackburn Contractors performs video pipe inspections in Piedmont, SC and surrounding areas. Our inspection process works like this:


You schedule the inspection for a $99 fee.


We visit your property and use waterproof cameras to visually inspect access points.


Our cameras' radio transmitters record obstructions or other problems.


We offer to resolve your sewer issues quickly and affordably.


Repairs are made, and your $99 inspection fee is deducted.

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